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Search for the Red Adirondack Chair

Lake and Coast Real Estate invites you to participate in our quarterly contest for the QUEST for the hidden Red Adirondack chair. Be the first to find it and receive a $250 gift certificate to Lake San Marcos Country Club where you can enjoy fine dining or shop in the pro shop.

This is an ongoing contest with quarterly winners. Monthly clues will be provided on this website, on MyLSM.com, and in the local Lake San Marcos newsletter (The Quail Call). We will continue until some lucky and clever resident finds the chair, at which time we will gladly present them with the gift certificate, and then, guess what? We will start the contest over again until the hidden chair is found, in another location of course. And, we will extend this fun and exciting event until we run out of hiding places. Once you find the chair please call Heide Warren, 760-803-6177.

Dust out your monocles and be prepared to compete with Holmes, Rockford, and Spade. Hurry, don't let your neighbor beat you to it!

* Realtors and their families are not eligible for the contest or prize.
* Hint...Chair is toy-sized. Not meant to be used as a seat.


1) WINNER: Mike Allen and his grandchildren Ellie and Hudson found in the ground cover underneath the fountain next to the yogurt shop.


2) WINNER: Lisa PInes found the red chair without a single clue. It just happened that she was hiding birdseed in the Hawthorne bush where the chair had been securely hidden and tied to the trunk of the bush. WOW! One lucky lady and she was 'thrilled' to be a winner and enjoy the gift certificate to the Country Club.


3) WINNER: Tom Coleman and his family found it. They had the tenacity to go onto our website before the next Quail Call newsletter came out to get ahead of the competition. And after searching for 3 days once they reviewed the clues, consulted with their friends, and finally decided a possible place. The almost drove by before it finally clicked. It was hidden in the knot of a huge tree near the 16th tee box. WOW!


4) Winner: Elizabeth Laister and her daughter and granddaughter. The chair was hidden under the 4 palms trees at the entrance to the Lake that formed the big letter "W".

5) Winner: Jill Rosenow and Lisa Guertin

Sixth Contest: 1st  set of clues.

We are back on the big golf course side  again

Not much of a clue to actually win

So head towards the golf course going south towards the cross

And up the hill where the avocados grow

It is wide open territory with no luck of a coin toss

And certainly with this wonderful weather not a hint of snow

We promise to give more definitive clues in the next Quail Call

So be on the lookout, continue to enjoy the fun and have a ball.


Sixth Contest: 2nd  set of clues.

There is a House in New Orleans

Some say walkers are not well seen

No fish to catch nor swans a swimming

Not buried there but the place needs a trimming.

Sixth Contest: 3rd  set of clues.

Up the road , keep going,  past the curve

Please drive careful, don't want to swerve

In a bush by a driveway, may be oleander

eyes watching traffic, definitely don't meander.

Sixth Contest: 4th set of clues

You could be inspired by the "Panorama" below

Follow the meandering path very slow where the "apples" grow very low

You may find a red chair in lushness below.

Sixth Contest: 5th set of clues

When thinking of applies don't think of the ones you eat.

Rather think of the ones that make your ground cover easy to care for a neat.

The chair is nestled under a shrub or a tree

So that you can relax and enjoy the western breeze.

Sixth Contest: Sixth set of Clues.

Oh, we Lake residents are very clever,

But our fine little feathered & hopping friends are better.

One of them beat us to the punch

And must have eaten the chair for lunch.

We will start the challenge again

When the New Year begins.



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